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This is the BEST place to go if you have any injuries, I teach aerobics and have been for over 20 years and Mark Ware and Angela are SO knowledgeable. For example, they will examine you and let you know issues BEFORE you even have to go to a doctor to get an x-ray!!!! There has been times where they will evaluate you by doing an examination and know EXACTLY what’s going on and my issue, give me specifics to do at home and be better just by doing therapy exercises!! All this to say I highly recommend going here before you go to any surgeon!!! My go to as soon as I have any issues flaring up!!!! Thank you Mark and Angela y’all truly are THE BEST!!! – Jodie

I was referred to Mark Ware at the Strength Center for my lower back pain/injury. Mark and his entire staff were professional, courteous and definitely caring. Mark has gone above and beyond to help me correct my issue and to help get me strengthened up. I highly recommend Mark and his staff. Go there for your physical therapy needs, you won’t regret that you did!!! -Kaye

Been going for 8 weeks and went for my post-op visit. The doc was very pleased with how much progress I had made. Went from walking with a walker, non weight bearing on one leg to walking without a cane, pain or a limp in 2 short months. Great friendly staff! I highly recommend the entire staff. – Kathleen

The help I’m receiving for back and neck pain is wonderful! Mark Ware and his team are knowledgeable, up to date, hands on therapist. They give compassionate one on one care, and all the while, a friendly and fun atmosphere lifts your spirits. There is a constant flow of conversation among the team members that keeps you engaged in your own self care, and provides feedback to you on how to keep up the good work as you go about your day. I highly recommend The Strength Center for drug free pain relief and exercise education. -Janet

The best Physical Therapy center around. I have been to Mark 3 times now and he has always made me feel better. My son, husband and sister have been to the Strength Center and they all had their problems corrected. They work as a team and treat the whole person. All ailments are taken into consideration when planning treatment for your immediate need. Will never go to another therapist again. -Holly

The therapists at The Strength Center have been the ones to finally get me figured out and on my way to feeling better. I recommend them highly to anyone looking for physical therapists who treat each patient like their top priority. Great group of pt’s! -Jennifer

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